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FIELDTRIP is a community-driven rice bowl shop born in Harlem, NY that celebrates culture through the shared experience of rice.

FIELDTRIP is a chef-driven concept bringing together a familiar home cooking style with new flavors, seasonal ingredients, and techniques that Chef JJ has sourced from around the globe. Utilizing only sustainable heirloom rice grains, all rice is freshly milled, unbleached, and not enriched and sourced directly from farmers who mill the grain themselves in Texas and South Carolina.

FIELDTRIP's rice bowls are paired with ethically-sourced vegetables and proteins creating a flavorful experience that tastes good and is even better for you! Throughout service, FIELDTRIP continues to ingrain the Harlem community with playlists showcasing some of Chef JJ’s favorite old-school Hip-Hop artists and hence, providing a curated musical experience. Is it any surprise that FIELDTRIP not only celebrates culture through rice but through music too.  

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SALMON rice bowl with China Black Pineapple Fried Rice, Piri Piri sauce
Fieldtrip. Rice is Culture.


109 Malcolm X Blvd
New York, NY 10026
Tel: (917) 639-3919
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